Development of clothing patterns

Development of clothing patterns
Development of clothing patterns

Every experienced designer and seamstress knows that the development of patterns – basic step of garment production. Without them it is impossible to implement primitive and simple idea of the designer in practice. After all, the photo or the sketch is difficult to follow up and see what the size should have a certain element of future clothing. From the quality of the template depends on how the finished model will sit on the figure.

Innovative CAD provide an opportunity in the shortest period to develop patterns for sewing things that significantly simplifies the work of the designer and the cutter. To order the development of patterns on a garment factory Katrina.

Why the need for development patterns?

To sew a beautiful jacket, suit or other article of clothing, just enough to draw a sketch of the future product. Because the picture shows only how the ideal future should look like thing, it can not determine the size of the collar, the skirt length, waist size. To retain and determine the correct proportion, is not possible without patterns. They help the designer to understand how to make a pattern of where and in what place is better to place the seams, calculate the number of necessary accessories. That is why if you are planning to start production of own collection, you need to develop patterns to order.

Why patterns need to develop the professionals?

To sew high quality and beautiful clothes is impossible without good patterns. That is why to order these products you need only from professionals, but in this case, you can be assured of high quality final garment.

To order patterns of any complexity on the site of the garment factory 'Katrina'. In the process of their production are used only the most modern software development, this ensures that the patterns are not only excellent quality, but also accuracy. A specially designed program of design eliminates even the slightest error during reproduction patterns, as it remains a partnership between the details of the cut.

How to order developing patterns from the factory?

Sewing factory 'Katrina' is ready to provide quality services for the production of patterns of the individual cutters, and for large industrial productions. All you need is to transfer the sketches and drawings to our engineers. We produce patterns of any complexity quickly and accurately.

An experienced designer developing patterns Kyiv orders at the garment factory, Katrina, hurry to book and you.