Price of tailoring at the factory

Price of tailoring at the factory
Price of tailoring at the factory

People who prefer to sew clothes for themselves and not ready to buy in store, probably worried by the question: how much is tailoring. The cost of such services depends on many factors. We invite you to consult the privacy policy on the sewing on our sewing production.

Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. It's saying you know everything. To always be on top from the first minutes of acquaintance with a new person, you need to choose quality clothing that will meet all your requirements.

The price of clothing will depend on:

style of clothing;

the fabric used;

the availability and quality fittings;

the presence or absence of complex elements;

finishing works.

Also the pricing policy is affected by the reputation of the garment production, as well as eminent designer who invented clothing. If you want to sew by the standards of the famous couturier, you need to be prepared for what the work will cost a lot. Also understand the fact that the use of expensive fabrics, lace, accessories also increase the price of tailoring.

How to calculate the cost of tailoring

To calculate the cost of sewing clothes themselves, the client can only roughly. The final price he learns in the Studio. This is because, as was made cutting the fabric much gone consumables and so on. Therefore, in order to precisely know the cost of the clothes we have, as in other workshops, you need to contact the Manager.

The price includes:

fabric selection (if the client is not offers);

a sketch of the garment;

fitting for fitting accessories;


Private tailor can take a lesser amount for their work, rather than in the Studio. But you need to keep in mind that it will not be responsible for its quality as textile production.

In our Studio sewing coat will cost you about 500-1500 hryvnia (approximately, because each individual variant is considered individually). Note that an additional cost will be to purchase cloth (the price of cashmere may be about 100-400 USD for one meter), lining (50-500 hryvnia per one meter), buttons (their price is from 10 to 50, in some cases more, hryvnia).

How much tailoring in Kiev and Ukraine

The price of tailoring in Kiev and in Ukraine is different not much. On the website of our garment production you can know the exact price on sewing services. There is a full price list of services. If you have questions about the price of the order, you can ask our Manager.